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About Dolce -desserts made in Oak Cliff

I started Dolce in 2018 when I volunteered to be an event sponsor and make 300 plus desserts for the No Tie AIDS Services Event in Dallas. I decided I needed to have a name and I wanted it to mean something to me so I chose Dolce which means sweet in Italian.  I love anything Italian, I love to make desserts, and it was the name of my very sweet and diabetic cat.  I had so much fun and such a great response that I decided to keep it up.  I started cooking and baking while in music school at the University of Texas at Austin and I have not stopped since.  Nothing makes me happier than making beautiful food and listening to opera while doing it!



I Dolce from Dolce

I make a wide range of desserts and baked goods:  cookies, cakes, ice cream, pies and caramels.  I have done large events like the No Tie Fund Raiser, Dash for the Beads, Pumpkin Patch, Winnetka Heights Christmas Home Tour, and The Kessler Krawl.  I have also baked for Kidd Springs Neighborhood Association events, The Kessler School, and Dallas Children's Theater Center. I also make desserts for clients to enjoy, give as gifts or take to parties.

Many of the cookies I bake can be purchased as frozen dough balls so you put them in your oven and have fresh homemade cookies whenever you want. Many cookies and breads can also be baked by me and put in your freezer for when you need them. Party or last minute company, work event, late night snack, bad day - the cookie eating excuses are endless!   


I can cater a dessert event, like the Kessler Krawl, where I use my serving dishes, plate desserts before arrival and have my platters for serving.  I have boxes and disposable platters for drop off.  I bag and label in Italian baking paper pans or coffee sacks for gifts or smaller events.  I am also happy to make a dessert in your favorite dish to take to a party or family gathering - the fact that I made it in your dish will be our little secret!!

I recently discovered that I can paint!  I decided that I would do decorated cookies my way and "hand paint" cookies with different seasonal and floral designs using the normal coloring used in royal icing.  I love trying new things so if there is something you want, let me know and I will try and paint it.

I do contactless delivery in North OC and use Venmo.



Bagged butter pecan cookies and caramels



No Tie Party 



Breakfast at Kidd Springs Park

sour cream cinnamon pound cake muffins/ streusel muffins/ flourless peanut butter oatmeal chip cookies / banana muffins / carrot pineapple pecan muffins



White chocolate banana cream pie ready for delivery



Banana muffins for Dallas Children's Theater Center



Caramels and Butter Pecan cookies served in Italian baking paper pans

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