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I love to try new recipes and add things to my menu, if there is something you want, ask and I will try and find a great recipe for it! If you live in North OC, I will deliver to your door! 

Need something in 24 hours? I can do many desserts like cookies, cream pies, lemon bars or flourless chocolate cakes on short notice.  If you need 200-400 hundred items for a party, I will need a few weeks notice.  I am a home baker with a staff of me and two KitchenAid mixers.  I have a corporate job but I have done large scale baking and cooking for years and know how to plan for big events. Ice creams require 3-4 days due to timing on cooking and freezing.  Pastries take longer due to the dough process.

I have been making three types of cookies plus caramels for years at Christmas.  I always make a  plain cookie (snickerdoodle, sugar), chocolate cookie (triple chocolate, chocolate crinkles) and a nut cookie (butter pecan, Mexican wedding) and I like to change it up.  If you would like cookies or caramels at Christmas, I can put together a plate, baking paper pan or coffee sack just in time for Santa!

Watercolor cookies are a new item!  Each cookie is hand painted by me and no two cookies will be the same.  I hope to have a few design options available for holidays (Christmas/ Valentines Day / Easter).  If you have an idea in mind, please let me know and I will do my best to try and paint it.  This is new to me and I am happy to learn!  

I do have GF options but most are desserts that would not normally contain flour.  Ice creams, caramels and cream pie shots are all GF - those are my personal favorites!  I have several cookie recipes that are GF as well as flourless chocolate cake.  I can use GF flour substitute on request.

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Cell:  469 .877.5398


Facebook:  @dolceoakcliff

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